We offer a small range of trackers designed for the elderly and disabled aimed at keeping people independent for longer. From low vision to Dementia or Altzheimer patients to perfectly healthy children, travelers or drivers al can benefit from our devices.  


Sosbuddy.sg started after the hands-on experience by the 2 founders of the company and the need to protect their loved ones. Looking for a solution whereby we and our loved ones were able to keep control of our lives and not being dependent on third parties. Who often charges a fair bit of money. We discovered that the EV-07 trackers from Sosbuddy.sg can be a real life saver. Over the past years a number of times adequate help could be offered after falling incidents, without the tracker it would have taken much longer before we would have known about the fall and the physical damages might have been much greater. Being able to react quickly on a SOS call if needed, to call and comfort the carrier and to know the carriers location gave us and the carrier true peace of mind.

sosbuddy.sg, 3g tracker


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sosbuddy.sg, 3g tracker


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