Advice on Gps trackers and wandering alarms

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Advice on Gps trackers and wandering alarms

Gps trackers and Wandering alarms are useful tools for elderly people who tends to wander often or be forgetful. That is why it is often called a senior alarm. Using this device they can continue to live independently, without having to be watched by a caregiver or informal carer all through the day. With a Gps tracker the live location of a person can always be followed. This can be done for example via a GPS watch or pendant. A Wandering alarm, also known as wander detection alarm, gives a signal when a person starts to wander. The types of Gps trackers and Wander alarms and their operation we offer you can find on our website.

When a Gps tracker provides a solution

With a Gps tracker, the location can be monitored remotely and contact can be established with preset contacts. A senior alarm gives seniors more confidence going outside by themselves and gives family and friends some peace of mind. On sosbuddy.sg (maak link) are products that fall under the category of  personal alarm, GPS and  senior alarm devices. Personal alarms are used to sound an alarm or make contact in an emergency situation. Personal alarms do not necessarily have GPS functions. However, this is often been incorporated in some personal alarm systems.
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When a wandering alarm offers a solution

Many people with early forgetfulness or dementia live independently at home. Family and carers can not always pay attention to these people. To monitor these people at those unguarded moments, a senior alarm or a wandering alarm is a suitable solution. A wandering alarm is also referred to as wandering detection. When someone with dementia goes out unattended, this can lead to dangerous situations. To prevent this and to give these people the space to be able to move freely, a senior alarm can be a good solution.

This is how a Gps tracking device or wandering alarm functions

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GPS (Global Positioning System) provides information about an exact location, but can also track the movements of people, vehicles and other objects. A GPS tracking system uses the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network. This network includes many satellites that send signals to a GPS tracker to receive information about the location and time. As a result, a GPS tracking system can give the position, both real-time and historically, on every type of journey. There are different versions of GPS Tracking systems. From striking buttons to jewellery like (bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.) that are almost indistinguishable from a ‘normal’ jewel.

A Wandering alarm sends a signal when it is registered that a person is starting to wander. This is possible, for example, because a person passes a certain point or because a sensor detects when a door or gate is opened. The signal is then forwarded to a carer, who can then activate appropriate help. This way the care giver does not have to be continuously in the presence of the carer in order to be able to keep an eye on the safety of this person.

What can be done with GPS tracking and Dwaalalmering

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A GPS tracker will give seniors more confidence to go out by themselfes and give their loved ones peace of mind. This is the case because with a Senior alarm the location can be monitored when needed by means of a small device and (in case of emergency) contact can be made with preset contacts. This allows them stay longer at home and also undertake independent activities such as shopping or walking.

When the elderly goes astray and have lost their way back (home), this can lead to dangerous situations. In order to give these people the change to be able to move around freely, a wandering alarm alarm is a good solution. For example, a signal can be send when they pass a certain point, such as an entrance gate or a certain distance (Geo fence) from the house. At the moment this signal is send, a carer can intervene directly and ensure that the wanderer returns home safely.

GPS tracking functions

Real Time Location: A GPS Tracker can showw the location of a person in real time, allowing the person to be followed by a carer. This means the carer can always check where the person is and keep an eye on his or her safety.

Trace traveled routes: Some GPS trackers have the ability to track and map a traveled route, allowing for example to track a person’s erroneous behavior. As a result, certain patterns can be looked at and can then be adequately reflected and reacted upon.

Geofencing – Safe Zone: There are GPS trackers with a so-called Geofencing function. This means that a certain area can be designated as a ‘safe zone’, after which a signal is emitted as soon as the person leaves or enters this area.

Wandering alarm functions

Manual wandering alarm: Wandering alarms with manual functions are intended for people who can go wander but still have the awareness to let someone know that they are lost. If they feel that they are lost, they can press a button to send a signal or start 2 way communication directly to a carer.

Automatic wandering alarm: Wandering alarms with automatic functions register when a person goes astray and automatically sends a signal to a carer. The moment at when a signal is sent can be adjusted. It differs per wandering alarm what the possibilities are (for example when the front door is opened, when a fence is passed, etc.).

Geofencing – Safe Zone: In combination with certain GPS trackers with a so-called Geofencing function, a certain area on a map can be designated as a ‘safe zone’. When these safe zones are abandoned, a signal goes out indicating that a person has gone astray.

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