Can vitamin B12 prevent dementia?

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Can vitamin B12 prevent dementia?

More than a year ago I noticed during a birthday party that my husband was confused. It didn’t make sense what he said. His sister noticed it too and she called me later that week. The doctor took a short test and I was stunned. For example, mental arithmetic was not possible at all, while he used to be a star in this. The doctor did not say that it was dementia, but it was clear to me that she was also worried.

At my request also vitamins where checked on a blood test and his vitamin B12 turned out to be too low according to our Orthomolecular (a form of alternative medicine). That is why she prescribed supplements. About 4.5 months after the first test the doctor took the test again and this time my husband scored very well and now my husband is like before again. This raises the question for me; how many people can be helped by vitamin B12?

Answer : Thank you for sharing your story. Your story is special, but certainly not unique. No official diagnosis of dementia has been made for your husband. When such research into dementia is done more extensively in a memory clinic, one often speaks of ‘MCI’. These are mild cognitive impairment complaints, where cognition stands for thinking (such as memory, language and arithmetic). It appears that in about half to one third of people with MCI, the symptoms remain stable or even disappear spontaneously. This also seems to be the case with your husband. His mental abilities were temporarily less, due to a different process than dementia. (In the case of dementia, the symptoms continue to increase in seriousness.).

When people with MCI try out a certain therapy, they often attribute the recovery to this therapy. That is why there are literally dozens if not hundreds of supplements or other therapies on the internet to ‘cure’ dementia (or rather MCI). Unfortunately, the therapies that were tried through scientific research do not seem to work. That applies unfortunately also for vitamin B12 and dementia.  

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