Dealing with Dementia

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Tips for dealing with Dementia


When your loved one has Dementia it is important to deal with this disease in a good way. How can you best approach the person with Dementia? How can you deal with Dementia? And what better to do? We have written some tips for you.

What to do!

  • An image or impression is easier to recognize by your loved one than words. Images from the past are easier recognized than images from the present.
  • Plan regular rest moments during the day. This way your loved one can take a rest and process stimuli and information.
  • Keep moving or exercise. Look for activities that your loved one likes. Do you prefer not to walk? Then maybe you can garden together.
  • Encourage multiple senses. Let your loved one smell or touch things when you talk about them. This will help the person with Dementia understand better what you mean or what something is.
  • Draw attention when you want to say something. For example, lay your hand on your loved ones arm and make eye contact.
  • Talk in short sentences. Use only one message in each sentence. And wait until your loved one has processed what you have said.
  • Laugh with each other and use humor.
  • Place a simple calender and a clock in the vicinity. Encourage your loved one to watch the clock and mark events as soon as they happen.
  • Provide structure: a clear daily schedule gives the person with dementia comfort.

What better not to do?

  • Do not try to correct or contradict your loved one too much. This confronts your loved one with his or her own illness and the things they cannot remember or do anymore.
  • Do not talk loudly, talk fast or just whisper. Make sure you talk quietly and are well understood.
  • Do not test your loved one by asking a lot of questions or for example by letting him or her cite the names of their grandchildren.
  • Do not behave happier than you feel. Your loved one notices when you are not really happy. Use your mood to gauge how you are doing. Give it on time if you find yourself trying to keep up.
  • Do not expect too much from a person with Dementia, have a look at the things he or she can or cannot do anymore. This way you know what to expect from your loved one.

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