The number One 3G GPS Tracker for Dementia, Alzheimer’s or anyone at risk of wandering.

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sosbuddy EV-07W

Dementia Trackers:

Essential for peace of mind

If someone close to you has dementia, then you may already be familiar with the anxiety it can cause – wandering is unfortunately one of the most common symptoms. Therefore Dementia trackers offer reassurance and peace of mind for exactly this situation.

Our sosbuddy dementia tracker is one of the best dementia trackers on the market a simple, great solution, offering reassurance and convenience in being able to find your loved one quickly. Instant locations, full control and uniquely flexible settings for  relatives/carers. No call-centers – just great peace of mind and aftercare.

Alice Neo

The buddy tracker is really useful, it’s set my heart at ease. I can locate my mother easily and I know that my mother can reach me easily in the event she needs my help.
She was very surprised to see it is very easy to contact me via the device. Thumbs up for their after sales great service too.

Edward Quah

Good product that helps to give peace of mind. I recommend it for parents whose kids are in schools that do not allow handphones or smartwatches. Good sales service from the team with prompt replies to enquiries and support to help get it working.

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You will receive an alarm
in the event of an emergency.

Your loved one can reach all close contacts (family, friends,
neighbors) thanks to the alarm button on his / her GPS tracker; the message shows their exact location. The first person to be notified by the alarm is called by the tracker.


Some of our trackers key features