The 3 and 4G personal alarm systems are useful tools for people in all walks of life. You can spend your time with peace of mind knowing help is just the push of a button away. The products are very suitable for the elderly and dementia patients, children as well as for shift workers, people who work at night or alone and anyone who wants the security of a cost-effective and user-friendly personal alarm system.

Yes, all our trackers use the 2, 3 and 4G mobile network and therefore need a SIM card. This can be pre-paid or a subscription. For our 3G trackers you need a micro sim for our 4G trackers a nano sim.

Eventually we will no longer offer the 3G trackers and all 3G products will be replaced by 4G products. The warranty will continue to apply to the 3G products, and we will also continue to support these products as long as they are in the market. 3G will eventually disappear as a mobile network in Singapore, expected to be faced out around 2025.

We recommend you have at least two emergency contacts or connections, however you only need one contact to use your SOSbuddy location device. The maximum number of emergency contacts that can be added to the tracker is 10.

Our personal alarm devices will keep dialing each number until either the user presses the SOS button again or the receiver of the call presses 1 on their phone to end the sequence- this tells the device that it has done its job. Some voicemails can be up to 5minutes in length and it is a good idea to either shorten your voicemail by speaking to your phone provider, or consider switching off voicemail if you are very worried.

Yes, anyone with a mobile phone can change the numbers or adjust the settings very easily by sending the device a text message with a listed command prompt from the manual. You can also change the numbers and settings using the Smart-Locator App. Your device comes preprogrammed as a courtesy. Please read your instructions before using the device. If you need help with changes, please consult your manual and for anything else, please use our Chat link on the website or mail to

SOSbuddy is not a monitoring service. Our device calls your contacts directly. It is a good idea to work out your own emergency plan with your listed contacts so that they know what to do in case of emergency. By not paying high fees to a monitoring service (who would only call your family and friends and emergency services anyway) you are able to save money whilst also enjoying your freedom by not being locked into contracts.

There is no data used by our trackers unless you choose to use the Smart-Locator App or online portal. In that case our trackers only use a small amount of data per month, less than 5 Mb and an average of 1.5 to 2 Mb per month.

There are no contracts or monitoring fees. The use of the smart-locator app and the online portal is free for the first year. After this, you can extend the subscription if desired, the costs are US $ 3 per month.

Once set up, the Smart-Locator App will allow you to program the Pendant via Bluetooth and Net. By entering the service providers APN number and turning on GPRS the pendant can be tracked using the App and on Alarm calls and messages are still dispatched to recipients securely via SMS. The App is free for the first year after which the subscription can be extended.

You will automatically receive a message from the online portal reminding you to extend your subscription, just follow the link in the message will guide you to the payment window. Even if the subscription has expired, you can renew it at any time, so you do not have to pay when you are not using the app.

Yes, we check every tracker for its basic functions before it is delivered to the customer.

You don’t have to set up the tracker yourself if you choose to collect the tracker at our office.
We will do this for you and at the same time set it up to your requirements, we also give you some instructions on how to use the tracker so you can make future changes yourself. It is also not difficult to set up the tracker yourself, we provide an easy set up guide. The only thing you have to do is to buy yourself a SIM card from one of the local Providers and make sure it is Valid and ready to use.

The GPS trackers are water resistant (IP67) so it will be safe when showering or in the rain. However, the device is not to be used in water more than 1 meter deep for any period longer then 30 minutes as it is not waterproof.

When you need help in case of an emergency, simply press the SOS button, or if you have a serious fall, the alarm will activate on its own. It will text all listed mobile numbers (you can have up to 10 contacts) your GPS location as a google map dropped pin, as well as calling each number in sequence(unless enabled). It then opens two way communication for you to alert your loved ones of your situation. If you are unconscious the text messages are there to alert the contacts of where you are.

Note! When you program your emergency contacts you can choose if each contact will receive the text message only (with GPS location) or if the pendant will make a phone call to that number also. Because of the complication of voice mail boxes, we generally suggest for the device not to dial out. This will also free the pendant up to allow any one of the emergency contacts to immediately call into the device, quickly placing them in voice contact with the user.

If you have a false alarm, that is ok. You can stop the calling sequence by simply pressing the SOS button again. If the device has reached a contact already, they can press 1 on their keypad to stop it, or you can press the SOS button to end the call.

The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 calendar months from date of purchase when used under normal conditions and cared for and maintained by the end user.
The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are water resistant IP67, therefore can be used in a shower. The warranty does not apply to water damaged goods. Original purchase receipt with date of purchase is required for warranty validation. Warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper use, customer or user neglect, physical damage or repairs carried out by an unauthorised service technician. will not be held responsible for maintaining any programming that the unit may contain when returned for repair. When returning faulty goods correct customer contact details are required along with original receipt with date of purchase and are to be returned to postage paid with a detailed description of the fault and the invoice number stated.

The tracker will send an alert in the form of an SMS message, notification or a voice prompt. You can set the value at which you want to receive the alert. For example 20%.

You can request the position of the GPS tracker at any time. This can be done by means of an SMS request or via the App, you will receive the current GPS, Wifi or Bluetooth location from that moment. If the tracker has no GPS, WIFI or Bluetooth reception at that time, it will send you the last received location. You can also set the interval at which the location should be updated.

Yes, in case of accidental pressing of the SOS button or in case of a false alarm, you can deactivate the alarm by pressing the SOS button again.


If it seems that your GPS tracker does not display the correct location for a longer period of time, does not respond as you expect or does not respond at all, it is best to give the tracker a reboot. This can be done by sending the SMS command REBOOT to the tracker. This can also be done by initiating the REBOOT function on the App providing you have a Bluetooth connection with your tracker or a subscription. Alternatively you can switch the tracker off and on again this usually does the trick. Keep in mind that the tracker always needs some time to register again with the server.

The built in fall detector detects a sudden change in angle, motion and thud. The device will then activate and start the alarm sequence. If the sequence is set off accidentally as a false alarm, it is easy to stop by simply pressing the SOS button. This feature is very handy as it has 9 different settings, with 1 being very very sensitive, up to a 9 which is more relaxed. We usually program at a 3 for you but again, this can be changed.

Yes, anyone that knows the mobile number of your pendant can call you and it will answer automatically and this will be charged like a normal mobile phone call paid by them. You can dial out if you wish but we do not recommend this as it will use your prepaid credit or make sure you have enough credit. If you want to use the speed dial feature, you just press the sidetalk button on the top left of the pendant (it has a little phone symbol) and this will automatically dial Contact 2 by default.

The battery last on average between 24 and 72 hours but it depends on your activity levels as the GPS is constantly updating the satellite and it depends on the the setting of the tracker. Most clients feel comfortable with putting the docking station next to their bed so that it is easily accessible and you get into the habit of charging the device over night. It only takes an initial 3 hours to charge when you first get it, and then usually 45mins to do a full charge thereafter.

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