Is it OK to ‘spy’ on my child with a GPS device or app?

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Is it OK to ‘spy’ on my child with a GPS device or app?

There’s never a ­moment when Rosalind Bek doesn’t know, exactly, where her 10-year-old daughter May Ling is. Whether she is ­arriving at school on her bike, or just about to walk in through the front door at the end of the day.  She will get a buzz on her Mobile from a real-time location-­sharing app called Smart-Locator or an SMS message from the GPS device itself.

“Because the GPS device allows you to set many different “Geo-fences” throwing a virtual geographic boundary around our house or her school, it alerts me when she crosses those boundaries,” says Rose. “So when she gets close to our HDB block on her way home, I can just go and open the front door, so she doesn’t have to get her key out.

If all this is a little to much “Big Brother” for you, ask yourself, isn’t it a natural step, considering we live in an age where so many of our movements are already monitored?
We already track our pets, our deliveries and luggage – so why not our offspring?

Read our 10 advantages of purchasing a GPS Tracker for your child to give you a better idea what a GPS device can do for you.

How do children think about the use of these products and Apps?

When we talk about young children between 3 to 12 years, the tracker is often seen as a piece of extra comfort and safety. As soon as the children are older and often already in possession of a mobile phone, chances are that they see it as claustrophobic.

“It’s better to have a trusting relationship where they tell you where they’re going in the first place. We shouldn’t forget that breaking away is part of growing up. Our children need to learn to assess risk and not be policed all the time.”

Kids need to learn how to be independent and safe on their own

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