Personal alarm, what to look for when purchasing?

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Buying a personal alarm

As you may have read in one of our other blogs, a personal alarm is a system or device that calls for help when needed. The best-known example is the pendant with red push button.

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Besides this traditional pendant, which often only works indoors and is connected to a dedicated system, there have been more and more alternatives and solutions in recent years due to the use of the mobile phone and GPS. There is a growing range of different types of mobile personal alarm with a wide range of options. Especially for people with mobility problems or dementia it can be a good thing to use personal alarms. When you consider purchasing a device and have little or no experience in the field of personal alarm systems you want to make sure you make the right choice. Due to the growing supply, however, you might get overwhelmed.
Sosbuddy.sg has listed a number of points that might help in choosing the right personal alarm for you.

1. For whom is the personal alarm intended?

  • Is the personal alarm easy to operate for the end user?
  • What functionality is required, what are the functions of the alarm and what can the user do with it?
  • Do you like the design, shape or color? Everybody has his own personal taste!
  • What is your living situation or that of your loved one who will use the personal alarm?
  • Is a link to a care center or monitoring center desirable?

2. What is the purpose of the alarm?

  • Increase security or safety (feeling) of the user and or close relative (s)
  • Monitoring or control
  • Comfort
  • Call in care when needed
  • Living independently (staying) at home

3. Purchase price

  • One-time purchase price
  • Monthly subscription (cancellation policy)
  • Rental (we offer a try before you buy service, ask for the possibilities)
  • Reimbursement by insurance company or government

4. Quality and reliability

  • Durability of the materials
  • User experiences
  • How long does the battery last and what is the charging time?
  • Service and repair

5. What is the range and where should it work

  • Indoors and or outdoors
  • Singapore or even world coverage
  • Can the user reach and operate the personal alarm in case of distress?

6. Alarm follow-up

  • Connect with your own social network (family, caregivers or friends)
  • Connect with professional assistance (alarm center)
  • The speed of making contact and the required follow-up

7. Functionality and techniques

  • Sensors: fall detection, sleep detection, activity detection
  • GPS location determination, geofencing, wander detection in dementia
  • GSM (SIM) 2-way voice communication
  • Bluetooth: link between smartphone and alarm, location determination indoors
  • Alarm via SMS, App, telephone line, internet, Bluetooth or GSM network

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