Prevent wandering using GPS systems in Dementia

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Prevent wandering and getting lost using GPS systems in dementia

Exercise is important for everyone. Maybe even more for people with dementia. However, it can also be a bit scary because what if the person with dementia will wander off and cannot find the way back? This is called wandering. This is frightening for family and can lead to fear of letting someone go outside alone. GPS systems can help you feeling more secure.

Alarm and GPS systems in dementia

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of good personal alarm and GPS systems with which you can follow your loved ones by satellite. If the person with dementia carries such an alarm or GPS device, you can follow him or her via the internet or request there location by SMS.  Locating is done through satellites, that’s the reason why most GPS devices can only be used outdoors. In order to be able to follow the person you want to track you need a smartphone or a tablet or computer with an active internet connection. Our trackers can also communicate through SMS messages, informing you about the wearer’s whereabouts.

Increasingly more choice in trackers that helps prevent wandering

Fortunately, there is more and more choice this is because many new products are being developed for wandering people with dementia. There is a big difference in price and possibilities. Some systems you buy often need an additional subscription, sometimes you rent the device. There are also many different forms of trackers, such as belts, pendants, watches or even applications for a shoe through an insole.

Advice on use

It is important that you start practicing with such a product in time, this gives you and your loved one the time to get used to it.

It then becomes part of the daily routine and use becomes habituation. It is good to charge the equipment on time and do this at a fixed time. For example, every night before sleeping. Make sure the person with dementia takes the product with him or herself every day. Check regularly that the product is working properly by performing a test. Also keep an eye on whether the product still provides enough support for the person with dementia.

Price and forms of purchase

It is nice to be able to test a system in advance, often in consultation with a supplier. Renting is also a good option because the product can then be exchanged if it does not meet the need. Sosbuddy.sg offers such a service. The products can be pricey so get good advice before you purchase.

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