TERMS, CONDITIONS and Disclaimer

Condition of Sale between SOSbuddy.sg and the User. User Is the person who uses the SOSbuddy 3G or 4G trackers.

Nominated Mobiles are the mobiles that have been nominated by the User or family to be alerted in the case of an emergency call

SOSbuddy is the working name of Sosbuddy.sg Pty Ltd Registration No. 201807915E

Agreement between SOSbuddy.sg and the end User. The SOSbuddy trackers are used as the first point of contact to the nominated mobiles in the case of an emergency. Once the call has been received by the nominated mobiles the responsibility of either attending the location of the User or arranging medical assistance lies with the family or friends of the nominated mobiles.


The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 calendar months from date of purchase when used under normal conditions and cared for and maintained by the end user.

The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are water resistant IP67, therefore can be used in a shower. The warranty does not apply to water damaged goods. Original purchase receipt with date of purchase is required for warranty validation. Warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper use, customer or user neglect, physical damage or repairs carried out by an unauthorized service technician. SOSbuddy.sg will not be held responsible for maintaining any programming that the unit may contain when returned for repair. When returning faulty goods correct customer contact details are required along with original receipt with date of purchase and are to be returned to SOSbuddy.sg postage paid with a detailed description of the fault and the invoice number stated.


The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are reliant on the cellular phone service provider’s GSM network coverage to make and receive phone calls, and to send SMS messages to the nominated mobiles and to provide GPS positioning. These services may vary between service providers and locations within Singapore. The User or family shall also be responsible the purchase and for the reoccurring credit cost of the SIM Card.

Some of the SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers have fall detection; however, the activation depends on the angle and velocity the tracker hits the ground. Therefore, if the user slides down a wall or falls not allowing the SOSbuddy.sg from a distance of at least 1 metre to have contact with the ground, the tracker may not activate. In this case, if the user does not hear a beep after ten (10) seconds, they have the option to press the SOS button for assistance. SOSbuddy.sg does not accept responsibility for any perceived failure due to (but not limited to) incorrect programming, battery maintenance, GSM and GPRS coverage or any such perceived failure by the selected network carrier in providing and maintaining suitable connectivity to the GSM/GPRS network.

The product supplier accepts no responsibility for any failure that is due to (but not limited to) incorrect tracker programming, dismantling the tracker or misuse or water ingress or other forms of damage. It is advisable that the user places the any of the SOSbuddy trackers in the charging docking station each evening beside the bed in case it is needed in an emergency.


3G and 4G Coverage
The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers depend on the coverage of the 3G and 4G GSM (WCDMA). SOSbuddy.sg will not be held responsible if the User is not in a mobile coverage area which prevents the 3G or 4G GSM call from proceeding to the nominated mobiles. Verification that the SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are in a 3G or 4G coverage area can be verified by the Green LED light flashing rapidly in 3 second intervals. It is the responsibility of the User or family to ensure the tracker is in wireless coverage. It must be understood that the 3G and 4G coverage may be interfered with in the case of being in a lift, underground car park, between high rise buildings, tunnels or road cuttings.

Limitations of GPS location. The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers are dependent and limited to the common constraints of all GPS system satellites. The SOSbuddy 3G and 4G trackers use the GPS technology using Google Maps to fix its location which is accurate within 2-3 meters. The tracker requires the line of sight to the satellites. A fix to these satellites must be done on first receiving an SOSbuddy tracker and tested for its accuracy. The Blue LED light on the side of the side or front of the tracker will verify its fix to the satellites by flashing in 3 second intervals. In the event that the tracker cannot get a fixed coordinates it will provide its last known position in a “Help” SMS. The tracker will check for an updated GPS location when it detects movement. The GPS location can be verified by sending a “loc” SMS to the tracking device.

Prepaid or post-paid Sim Card. The SOSbuddy trackers are similar to a standard mobile which operates on a common carriers sim card. It is the responsibility of the User or family to ensure that the sim card is in credit at all times and regularly check that there is enough credit to support any SMS messages or voice calls. The User should provided with the carrier’s details and login password to enable a check of the available credit.

Monthly Test. It is advisable to perform a monthly test to ensure the SOSbuddy 3G or 4G tracker is operating to expectations. Prior to use charge via the docking station for 4-5 hours. The blue light will flash every 3 seconds with the green light rapidly following, it is then ready for use.

Limitation of damages. The User must have an understanding that the SOSbuddy tracker has not been designed or guaranteed to prevent any loss or injury. SOSbuddy.sg does not accept the responsibility for the accuracy of position information provided by the Service Providers. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall SOSbuddy.sg be liable to the User or any 3rd party for any indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages of any kind, in contract or tort, including, but not limited to, death, injury, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, loss of business opportunity, loss of data, and/or loss of profits, arising out of, or related to, in any manner, or the delivery, performance or non-performance of obligations, or use of the information, data or documentation hereunder regardless of the foreseeability thereof. SOSbuddy.sg shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage caused by the nominated persons failing to respond to an emergency call. If not withstanding the terms of this agreement there should arise any liability on the part of SOSbuddy.sg as a result of any cause whatsoever, regardless of whether or not such loss, damage or personal injury was caused by or contributed to by SOSbuddy.sg’s negligence to any degree or failure to perform any obligation or strict products liability will be limited to the sum of $279 for the supply of the device.

Return policy & refunds. If you are not satisfied with your tracking device you have 14 working days to return the unit, a refund of the purchase price providing the goods are returned in good condition free from any scratches or defects. The goods must be returned in the original packaging complete with the manual, USB cable, power docking station and any other accessories that were provided. Refunds are available to direct customers only, meaning customers who purchased the tracker directly from SOSbuddy.sg or on the company website. Units purchased at a retail outlet or other distributors are to follow their refund policy. On the return of the SOSbuddy tracker and found in good condition we will refund the purchase amount. less 10% which consists of credit card or PayPal transaction fee, pre-programming and postage. Total $25.90

These terms, conditions and disclaimer is available on our website www.sosbuddy.sg. Understanding If the User has any disagreement within this document or feel that SOSbuddy.sg is not performing to expectations the User must do so by emailing direct to info@sosbuddy.sg.

Back Up Service. SOSbuddy.sg is available through our Chat function, leave your name and contact details and your message will be answered as soon as possible but no later then 24 hrs of receiving the request.

SOSbuddy.sg Manual. Please carefully read the manual provided to enable you to understand the operation. If you require any assistance, please contact us.