Tips for choosing a GPS tracking device.

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The use of a GPS tracking device can give your loved one more freedom and independence. And it gives you peace of mind when you can immediately see where she is. But choosing a GPS tracking device is not an easy task with all the different devices on offer. How do you know what to look for when purchasing a GPS system?

  • Realize that the use of a GPS tracking device does not remove the risks of wandering. She can still get lost and you should ask yourself whether she is still comfortable with traffic rules?
  • Do not rely blindly on the equipment. Read more about dealing with getting lost outdoors.
  • Please be aware that not one system can offer 100% guarantee.
  • Orientate yourself well. Ask the manufacturer if you can first test the tracker for a period. The cost of the devices vary a lot. (from free apps for the smartphone to systems of S$ 500 plus monthly costs).
  • Choosing a GPS tracking device is not easy, not one system is the best. The systems have various advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is important to consider the needs of your loved one. For example, one system can show a history of the locations, while another system can be linked to an alarm center.
  • What to watch out for when using? Read our tips for usage.

Alarm button and 2 way communication

Sosbuddy’s GPS tracking devices have an emergency button on the transmitter. If your loved one presses it, a message will be sent to the contact person. With other devices you can immediately start a speech-listening connection when your neighbor presses the button. This way you can immediately reassure her or tell her which way she should go. In addition, there are systems that can make contact with an emergency center that offers immediate assistance. Systems without this emergency button are often smaller and therefore more portable.

Safe zone (geofencing)

Geofencing is a technique that ensures that you get a signal when your neighbor comes outside of a preset area. This technology is built into many GPS applications. Suppose your neighbor runs a regular round every day. Only if she comes outside of this area, you will receive a message. You can then find her via your smartphone or computer. Within the boundaries of the area she can safely walk her rounds.


An often free way to follow your loved ones is via a smartphone. GPS is built into most smartphones. There are several apps that you can install on her mobile to follow her. Find my phone, TrackR! and Libercare are examples of this. Make sure the battery of her phone is properly charged and that you have enabled ‘location services’. Of course the app must also be installed on your mobile. Remember that these apps do not give warnings and your loved one should always have their phone with them.


Give your opinion about GPS

Does your loved one uses a GPS tracking device?
Share your (user) experience in the comment box. What considerations and questions did you have with the purchase? How does the device work in practice? Was choosing a GPS tracking device difficult for you?
Let others know. Together we know more.

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